• Safety and Training


    Air safety tips to passengers to ensure safety in a flight

    Safety is a concern of everyone who flies or contemplates it. A lot of attention is given to the airline industry safety. No other form of transportation is as scrutinized, investigated and monitored as commercial aviation. A professor in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) compared the chance of dying from an airline accident versus a driving accident, after accounting for the greater number of people who drive each day. He found that one is nineteen times safer in a plane than in a car. Every single time you step on a plane, no matter how many times you fly, you are nineteen times less likely to die than in your car.

    Our Values

    • Safety We shall always consider safety as a number one priority, for our People and Guests.
    • Customer First We shall always anticipate and deliver to the needs of those we serve - our guests.
    • Respect We shall always show respect to everyone we meet.
    • Integrity We shall always act with integrity.
    • Passion We shall always inspire passion in our people to create quality solutions
    • Trust We build trust in our daily relationships