• Ground Handling

    The award-winning Kenya Airways Ground Handling business continuously provides passenger and ramp handling at over 5 stations within Kenya  and serves in excess of 5 million guests annually. Today, KQGH (Kenya Airways Ground Handling) is recognized as the leading  ground services provider with the largest number of hub operations in Kenya.



    Services Overview 

    Station Management and Administration: 

    Pride Lounge 

       Station representation and supervision
       Liaison with various stakeholders and airport authority
       Contracts and Service Level Agreements











    Passenger Services: 

    Pride Lounge  

       Check-in Services
       Gate Services
       Arrival and Transfers
       Service Desk
       Travel Document Verification services
       Meet and Assist (Karibu Team)
       Lost and Found














    Aircraft Servicing and Ramp Handling: 


       Baggage Handling
       Aircraft Handling
       Load Control
       Cabin Grooming
       Toilet and Water Services
       Towing Services
       Adhoc Handling
       Unit Load Device –Storage and Control
       GSE Support and Maintenance
       Freighter Handling